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The desert circuit consists three districts Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner in western Rajasthan rising in the golden sands of the Thar Desert. The major tourist destinations in these districts are Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner (commonly called as the Desert Triangle) and now increasingly the desert town of Barmer.
A map of the desert region showing the main tourist locations is given here-
Geography and Topography-
The arid and less unoccupied Thar Desert exists in north-west Rajasthan and is characterised by shifting sand dunes and high summer temperatures of upto 450 C. Jodhpur exists on the edge of this arid tract and it is a link between the desert on the west and the semi-arid but cultivable regions to the East. The region receives very little rainfall from which 90% in the monsoon (July-September).
Jodhpur with a population approx. over 10 Lakhs is the largest city in the region. It is also the second largest city in the state. Other important cities in the circuit are Bikaner (population over 6.5 Lakhs), Barmer (over 90,000) and Jaisalmer (over 50,000). The Desert circuit is the largest but the most sparsely populated region in the state.
Due to the climatic conditions of Desert circuit the tourist season is limited to the winter months and almost the entire tourist traffic arrives between October to March.
Travel Links-
Jodhpur Civil Aerodrome (located 4 Kms from the city centre) is the only airport in the Desert region with daily commercial passenger flights operated by Alliance Air, and Jet Airways from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur etc.  The airport at Jaisalmer provided by air force, usually operates from 1st October to 31st March every year. The Bikaner airport has been completed and will be operated soon. A well-developed broad gauge rail network connects the Desert region to the main cities in the country. There are regular train services between Jodhpur and Bikaner to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. Onward connections to Jaisalmer are available ex-Jodhpur.
The Desert region is also well connected by roads with National Highway (NH15) passing through Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Barmer. Jodhpur is connected to all the three places by state highways and district roads. Major Tourist Spots and Attractions.
Major Tourist Locations in the Desert Circuit-

Major Attractions
Major Day- trips
Major Events

Jodhpur City
(1) Umaid Bhavan Palace and
(2) Museum
(3) Mehrangarh Fort
(4) Jasvant Thada (Cenotaphs)
(5) Mandore Gardens
(6) Balsamand Lake and Gardens
Out of Jodhpur
(1) Osiyan Temples (58 Kms)

Jaisalmer City
(1) Jaisalmer Fort
(2) Gadisar Lake
(3) Patwon ki Haveli (architecture)
(4) Salim Singh ki Haveli
(5) Nathmalji ki Haveli (architecture)
(6) Tazia Tower
Out of Jaisalmer
(1) Lodurva Temples (16 Kms)
(2) Sam Sand Dunes (42 Kms)
(3) Akal Fossil Park (17 Kms)
(4) Desert National Park (45 Kms)
(5) Khuri Village Safari (50 Kms)
(6) Ramdeora temple (100 Kms)

Bikaner City
(1) Junagarh Fort and Museums
(2) Lalgarh Palace
(3) Camel Research Farm
(4) Devi Kund
Out of Bikaner
(1) Gajner Palace and Wildlife
(2) Sanctuary (32 Kms)
(3) Shri Kolayat Shrine (50 Kms)
(4) Deshnok Karni Mata temples (30 Kms)
(5) Katriyasar Desert Village (55 Kms)
Camel Festival
Kolayat Fair

Barmer Town
(1) Ancient fort and temple ruins
(2) Sun Temple
Out of Barmer
(1) Kiradu Temples (30 Kms)
(2) Khed and Jasol Temples (70 Kms)
Cattle Fair
Khed Fair

Main Tourist Destinations and Their Attractions-
Unlike most other circuits in the state, the Desert circuit does not have one particular ‘hub’, though Jodhpur is the most popular entry point. Given the large geographical area covered, the major cities in the region are hubs for the tourist undertaking local visits. Some distinctive observations with respect to the main tourist destinations and the type of tourists they attract are as follows:-
Jodhpur, the 'Sun City of Rajasthan', is one of the major cities in the circuit. It has the extensive Mehrangarh fort built in 15th century.
The city also consists the splendid & huge Umaid Bhavan Palace, the only 20th century palace.
Other attractions include the charming white marble royal cenotaphs of Jasvant Thada and the ancient capital of Marwar, Mandore with its cenotaphs and gardens.
Another emerging destination, around an hour’s drive from the city is the Osiyan village, which houses 15 beautifully sculpted Jain and Brahmanical temples belonging to five different centuries.

Jaisalmer, the Golden City of Rajasthan, is one of the favourite locations for both domestic and foreign tourists.
The major attraction of this city is the Jaisalmer fort, which houses an entire living area within its ramparts and is known for its intricately carved beautiful havelis and its ancient Jain temples.
Attractions outside the fort, are the carved havelis such as the Patwon ki Haveli and the Salim Singh ki Haveli and the Gadisar Lake.
Other eminent attractions out of Jaisalmer are the Lodurva Jain temples, Sam sand dunes, the Desert National Park, Kuldhara & Khabha ruins of Paliwal brahmins and Khuri village safari.
The popular tourism ‘products’ of the region include the desert village camps, desert safaris and the desert festival.
Bikaner lies at the northern most point of the desert circuit, and is famous for its forts, palaces and havelis.
Places of tourist interest include the Junagarh fort and museum and the Lallgarh palace.
Other attractions are the Camel Research Center and the Bhandeshwar and Sandeshwar temples (visited by the domestic tourists).
The popular excursions from this city include the famous Karni Mata temple (at Deshnok), the Gajner Palace and wildlife sanctuary and Shri Kolayat temple.
A small desert town, Barmer is renowned for its carved wooden furniture and hand block printing.
It is best visited during the annual fairs held nearby.
The places of interest in this region include the ruins of Juna Barmer and the Kiradu temples.
Other places in the district like Khed and Jasol are also known for their temple architecture and Nakoda jain temple.
Less frequented Tourist Locations-
Some of the less frequented tourist locations in the area include:-
Around Jodhpur- The Osiyan temples
Around Jaisalmer-
The Wood Fossil Park and Desert National Park : The wood fossil park at Akal and the Desert National Park near Jaisalmer seldom falls in the normal tourists itinerary and is visited primarily by nature enthusiasts.
Around Bikaner-
Bikaner also has good tourist locations that are currently less frequented. These include among others the Kapil Muni temple at Kolayat, Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary and the Kalibanga pre-Harappan and Harappan ruins. Katriyasar, near Bikaner is also emerging as a popular tourist destination for rural tourism.
Around Barmer –
Inspite of its unique attractions such as the Kiradu Temples and the Barmer Fort ruins, Barmer is not a part of the major tours covering the Desert Circuit largely due to its remote location and poor connectivity.
Source- DoT, Rajasthan.

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