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1. Ajmer-            
 Wining Candidate-                  Sanwar Lal Jat  (B J P)                 
Loosing Candidate -                Sachin Pilot  (Congress)      
Margin  -                                  171983

2. Alwar-                        
Wining Candidate-                 Chand Nath (B J P)
Loosing Candidate -               Bhanwar Jitendra Singh(Congress)
Margin  -                                 283895

3. Banswara-                
Wining Candidate-                 Manshankar Ninama (B J P)      
Loosing Candidate -              Resham Malviya (Congress)          
Margin  -                                91916

4. Barmer-                      
Wining Candidate-               COL. SONA RAM (B J P)
Loosing Candidate -             Jaswant Singh (Independent)
Margin  -                                87461

5. Bharatpur-               
Wining Candidate-                Bahadur Singh (B J P)                     
Loosing Candidate -              Dr.Suresh Jatav (Congress)           
Margin  -                                245468

6. Bhilwara-          
 Wining Candidate-               Subhash Baheria (B J P)             
 Loosing Candidate -             Ashok Chandna (Congress)  
 Margin  -                                246264

7. Bikaner-                     
Wining Candidate-                Arjun Ram Meghwal (B J P)      
Loosing Candidate -              Shankar Pannu (Congress)     
Margin  -                                308079

8. Chittorgarh-            
Wining Candidate-                Chandra Prakash Joshi (B J P) 
Loosing Candidate -              Girija Vyas(Congress)                         
Margin  -                                316857

9. Churu-                     
Wining Candidate-                Rahul Kaswan (B J P)                    
Loosing Candidate -              Abhinesh Maharshi (BSP)              
Margin  -                                294739

10. Dausa-                    
Wining Candidate-                Harish Chandra Meena (B J P)     
Loosing Candidate -              Dr. Kirodi Lal (NPP)                                
Margin  -                                45404

11. Ganganagar-         
Wining Candidate-                Nihal Chand (B J P)                     
Loosing Candidate -              Master Bhanwarlal (Congress)       
Margin  -                                291741

12.  Jaipur-            
Wining Candidate-                Ramcharan Bohara (B J P)           
Loosing Candidate -              Dr. Mahesh Joshi (Congress)            
Margin  -                                539345

13. Jaipur Rural-         
Wining Candidate-                Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (BJP)  
Loosing Candidate -              Dr. C.P. Joshi (Congress)      
Margin  -                                332896

14. Jalore-                    
Wining Candidate-                Devji Patel (B J P)                           
Loosing Candidate -              Anjana Udai Lal (Congress)          
Margin  -                                381145

15. Jhalawar-Baran:-
Wining Candidate-                Dushyant Singh (B J P)                           
Loosing Candidate -              Pramod Bhaya (Congress)             
Margin  -                                281546

16. Jhunjhunu-  
Wining Candidate-                Santosh Ahlawat (B J P)                
Loosing Candidate -              Raj Bala Ola (Congress)                 
Margin  -                                233835

17. Jodhpur-                
Wining Candidate-                Gajendra Singh Shekhawat(BJP)  
Loosing Candidate -              Chandresh Kumari (Congress)      
Margin  -                                410051

18. Karauli-Dholpur-
Wining Candidate-                Manoj Rajoria (B J P)           
Loosing Candidate -              Lakkhi Ram (Congress)                           
Margin  -                                27216

19. Kota-            
Wining Candidate-                Om Birla (B J P)                             
Loosing Candidate -              Ijyaraj Singh (Congress)                 
Margin  -                                200782

20. Nagaur-                  
Wining Candidate-                C. R. Choudhary (B J P)                
Loosing Candidate -              Dr. Jyoti Mirdha (Congress)          
Margin  -                                75218

21. Pali-              
Wining Candidate-                P. P. Choudhary (BJP)                   
Loosing Candidate -              Munni Devi Godara (Congress)                 
 Margin  -                              399039

22. Rajsamand-  
Wining Candidate-                Hariom Singh Rathore(BJP)          
Loosing Candidate -              Gopal Singh Shekhawat(Congress)         
Margin  -                                395705

 23. Sikar-           
Wining Candidate-                Sumedhanand Saraswati(BJP)      
Loosing Candidate -              Pratap Singh Jat (Congress) 
Margin  -                                239196

24. Tonk-Sawai madhopur-
Wining Candidate-                Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria (BJP)  
Loosing Candidate -              Mohammed Azharuddin(Congress)        
Margin  -                                135311

 25. Udaipur-               
Wining Candidate-                Arjun Lal Meena (B J P)                
Loosing Candidate -              Raghuvir Singh (Congress)            
Margin  -                                236762

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